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Fic: Pistol for a Mouth (the Perpetual Survivor Remix) [The Book Thief/The Hunger Games][1/2]

Title: Pistol for a Mouth (the Perpetual Survivor Remix)
Fandom: The Book Thief/The Hunger Games
Characters/Pairings: Liesel, Rudy, Max, appearances by ensemble
Summary: ”Well? How do I look?” He stood in front of her and fisted his hands atop his hips, and Liesel immediately covered her mouth, pinning a giggle inside. Coal dust smeared him black head-to-toe, except for a bare patch that shaped the number “12” on his chest. She drew closer, whispering, “Rudy, it’s even in your ears!”
Word Count: 21,900
Notes: A remix of this 3-sentence ficbit that romanitas wrote me for a meme back in February. Originally, in one great fit of "how DARE you", I planned on writing her a 3-sentence ficbit as payback. Three sentences then became 21k, as happens.

Warnings: Character death on both a Hunger Games AND a Book Thief level. Nonexplicit depictions of violence. References to reproductive coercion and oppressive totalitarian tactics.

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Fic: The Strauss Girls [The Book Thief][1/2]

Title: The Strauss Girls
Fandom: The Book Thief
Characters: Rosa Hubermann, Max Vandenburg (background Rosa/Hans, appearances by ensemble)
Word Count: 14,090
Summary: "Frau Hubermann?" The knocker is Agnes, Rolf Fischer's daughter, and she seems derailed by her appearance. "What were you doing in the basement? Didn't you hear me knocking?" Fear flares like a struck match in Rosa's throat. Fortunately, her mouth opens and replies for her with the ease of long practice, "I did not. Maybe I'll do all my chores in the basement from now on, just to get some peace from the stupid creatures knocking on my door."
Notes: This originally started as a Rosa&Max bonding fic, because reasons, and then developed into a full Rosa backstory before I knew what it was up to.

[read @ AO3]

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Fic: A Changing of Hands [The Book Thief][1/2]

Title: A Changing of Hands
Fandom: The Book Thief
Characters/Pairings: Liesel/Rudy, Rosa, Hans, Paula, Max, appearances by almost everybody
Summary: It happens like this, in a single fateful moment. A pilot sneezes, and the bombs, when they fall, are off-target.
Word Count: 12,000
Notes: So, as you do, you read a book, you finish it, you weep. Then you immediately turn around and give it to somebody else so that it can destroy them too. I did this, and a friend came up to me after and shook me very hard and shrieked, "FIX IT."

"Okay," I said. So here's the AU where it's Nazi Germany, 1943, and everything goes slightly better than expected for everyone :)

[read @ AO3]

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Fic: Nico and the Gravedigger [Percy Jackson/The Book Thief]

Title: Nico and the Gravedigger
Fandom: The Book Thief/Percy Jackson and the Olympians
Characters/Pairings: Liesel, Nico
Word Count: 8,200
Summary: Death meets Liesel Meminger three times.
Notes: So in the game of "what's the weirdest thing you can cross TBT over with?", I've already made one entry in the form of a Pacific Rim crossover, but I'm here with another, because once again, when two characters from different universes exist in the same place at roughly the same time, then obviously they have to know each other. I think I had to fudge timelines a little bit on both ends, but hey! For romanitas, because sometimes all you need is somebody to yell "DO IT" really loudly.

Spoilers through The Last Olympian (with only minor geographical spoilers for Son of Neptune and House of Hades) and total spoilers for The Book Thief.

Warnings for character death and one direct mention of the Holocaust.

[read @ AO3.]

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Fic: Three Universes Allison Argent Never Got to Visit [Teen Wolf][1/2]

Title: Three Universes Allison Argent Never Got to Visit
Fandom: Teen Wolf w/ Harry Potter and Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Characters/Pairings: Allison, Scott, Lydia, mostly gen with Allison/Scott and one implied Allison/Scott/Isaac
Summary: In the heart of the Hale Woods, there's a copse of enchanted trees. It's all very Nightmare Before Christmas, really.
Word Count: 12,000
Notes: For oneoffour111 and usernameism and laria_gwyn! I took the prompts they left me for NaNoWriMo and combined them: Teen Wolf at Hogwarts for oneoffour111, Teen Wolf as demigods for usernameism and the AU where Allison's the werewolf for laria_gwyn.

[read @ AO3]

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